Playing up the gravity quotient, Hautlence has designed the Hautlence HL Newton Watch, for the those inspired by physics. A clever take on Newton’s law, this timepiece has a unique way of reading time, that literally gets you time ‘on demand’. If you need to know the time, you simply have to rotate your wrist to a vertical position and the and read the time as the elements of the dial lineup to showcase it elegantly. Based on the core of a jumping hour complication and a spinning dial, the Hautlence HL Newton is quite an exciting composition.

We haven’t seen many watches with the theatrics of a standby mode and on-demand mode. The drama of getting your wrist aligned to a certain angle, so that you can read time, can be exciting for a few hours, but I’m pretty sure that for long-term wear it can get annoying. I’d much rather then shake my iPhone and see the time on-demand, which will be far more easier. Moving on, the watch houses the in-house HTL 201-1 automatic movement and proved 72 hours of power reserve. This is decent amount of time, given that it has a complication and drama attached. A lot of the components of the movement are hand finished, and you can view it all via the sapphire crystal display caseback.

Limited to only 28 timepieces, the Hautlence HL Newton features a titanium case and has a very old-school TV screen display. The colors are also very retro. Measuring 39mm x 46mm and about 12 mm thick, the watch is water-resistant up to 30m. Like I mentioned before, you can view time ‘on demand’ by rotating your wrist to a horizontal position. The opposite of this is the ‘mechanical standby mode’, indicating that the dial is not in the apt position to display time.

Buy Now: $24,200

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