You may not call them engineering marvels, but Greubel Forsey watches are definitely expertly crafted, both on in the inside and the out. The makers take pride in giving us watches that are unique in terms of combinations of complications and multiple tourbillons and the Greubel Forsey Balancier Contemporain Watch is no exception. Keeping in mind the aesthetics that the brand is known for the modest size of its timepieces and an affinity towards their in-house balance wheel. This new watch embodies all these traits and looks fab.

The case measures 39.6mm, making it perhaps the smallest sized dial that we have seen from this house. The Balancier Contemporain also hosts a multi-level gold dial sporting black lacquered hour and minute rings. It also speaks of rhodium-plating. Essentially, this combination makes an enigmatic impact and makes you want to explore more details of the timepiece. Available in a white-gold case, you can team the watch with an elegant alligator strap with white gold pin buckle. It is quite a disappointment that you can’t view the inner mechanics via a see-through back, and instead you have an engraved caseback to deal with.

Under the hood you will find a manually-winding movement that gives about 72-hours of power reserve. It is not too much, but enough to support the functions of hours, minutes, seconds and power reserve. The watch is also fitted with an in-house variable-inertia balance, and it comes to a stop when you pull out the crown. If you choose to pick the timepiece, then you have the option of a baguette-cut diamonds watch. However, this version has a case measuring 41.6mm, just to accommodate the jewels. Limited to only 33 pieces in each variation, it will be a good idea to call dibs on them soon. For obvious reasons I am partial to the baguette-cut diamonds version, as it looks more sophisticated and yet not sparkly or blingy. The Greubel Forsey Balancier Contemporain watch is conventional yet different and I hope we get to see more from this house.

Buy Now: $ 196,000

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