Eight Belts That Uphold Your Style

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More than being a means to uphold your modesty, a belt has the single-most important job in your wardrobe – that of making your dressing sense impeccable and stylish. Do it wrong, and that woven belt can be the sole reason why your look got trashed. There are not many rules or guides in place, that tell you how to team your belt with the style you are wearing, it’s mostly driven by personal preferences and the occasion that you are dressing for.

When you do it right, the perfect belt can add that extra dash to your whole outfit and tie it together. Pair it with the correct cufflinks and tie, and you have a smashing ensemble in place. If you opt for tucking in the Tee, in a casual look gets enhanced with a bold buckle, that is almost like a center-piece. But be mindful of the width and the proportion to the loopholes of your trousers; details like this dictate the success of your look.

In the list of accessory collections, belts have very few takers. A typical wardrobe sees 3 to 4 belts in stock. One for daily wear, one for the casual look and one for formal wear. The colors also stay in the black and tan range. If you are looking to break this mold, then here are some pointers:

  • Keep a staple collection of your regular belts and then keep growing it by adding more variety.
  • This include textures, colors and materials.
  • The materials used and the manufacturing process determine the quality of the belt.
  • Well aged leather belts are the best bet for classic belts; they are resilient and don’t stretch too much.
  • Full grain leather belts are good.
  • The choice for nubuck leather for the inner side of the belt is a good one. It just adds to the durability of the belt.
  • Try and match your belt to the shoes that you are wearing, this will add the extra oomph to your look.
  • Choices include matte, patent and suede finishes, maintaining each kind has its own set of rules. Matte is the easiest while suede finish requires extra attention while storing.
  • The width of your belt and the trouser loops should be proportionate, otherwise you will look comical. Be mindful of this.
  • The material for your buckle is equally important, a glitz gold buckle can ruin a formal office look, so choose carefully for each dressing occasion.
  • Typically leather belts are more popular, but twill cotton and woven fabric belts can give a personalized feel.
  • Casual leather belts come handy when you want to break up a separates look. With these belts, sporting a matte or brass buckle in soft suede instead of polished leather, is a good option. Formal leather belts are best for office and other formal occasions, but a woven belt is good for the summers, and look best with shorts and linen trousers or suits. Fabric belts like the thick canvas belts are ideal with cotton trousers, they match the vibe of Friday Dressing. For colors, we recommend building on dark brown, black, blue and tan belts.

    A Dark Brown belt is versatile and can be worn with almost all colors of suits but a black belt looks stunning when you team it with black shoes. As a monochrome theme, the black and grey family looks fantastic with a black belt. A blue color belt needs khaki trousers or when you wear navy blue pants with a white shirt. Get the drift? Tan belts team well with shades of browns and khaki trousers. They look good with blue denims as well.

    Some tips:

  • Pick subtle colors over loud, when you are looking for a versatile belt.
  • It helps if the metal of you buckle matches the same material of metal as your cufflinks or any other metallic accessory you are wearing. Example, silver belt buckle with silver cufflinks.
  • It helps the look if thee finish or weave of your belt compliments the accessories you wear / carry.
  • It’s good to have one universal belt that goes with almost 99% of your wardrobe.
  • On the flipside – buy more colors and option; own a variety.
  • Measure your waist before buying a belt.
  • Large buckles and metallic detailing cannot be carried off by all, so pick wisely.
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    Roberto Cavalli Leather Belt with RC Monogram

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    Ferragamo Reversible and Adjustable Gancini Belt

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