The Limited Edition Glacier Gold ‘Jelly G’ Collection Watches are a mark of respect for the Casio G-Shock series. To celebrate their 35th year of dressing our wrists with the most iconic watches, Casio has this limited edition out for us to savor. What I really like about the collection is the marriage of jelly case with a gold watch-face, without being overtly crass. Sophistication in looks and restraint in design, has been exercised and I’m very happy about that. To commemorate this happy occasion, we have two digital watches and two analog watches. Both of them have a common base from an existing watch.

Delving a little more into the watches, the DW5035E-7 is built upon the first G-Shock that we experienced – the DW-5000C, from 1983. Featuring a translucent jelly case, the watch has an inner case that is crafted in gold stainless steel. Sitting significantly on the golden dial, we have the ‘Since 1983’ marked out in red. I think adding such nuances just brings out the significance that a G-Shock has in our lives. My guess is that at some point, all of us watch enthusiasts have owned at least a basic Casio G-Shock, if not a Casio watch.

Moving on, the DW5735E-7 – digital watch – is based on the older DW5700 G-Shock. Keeping it consistent with the other watch in this series, besides the translucent jelly case, gold stainless steel inner case, gold dial and the words ‘Since 1983’ in red, the two timepieces share the same features like the chronograph, countdown timer, alarm, screw-down casebacks etc. From the two analog timepieces the GA-735E-7A has a 53.4mm wide case. The inner cases are from white resin and make them different in terms of look. The gold dials for these two watches are crafted in a more intense shade of gold. They too sport the ‘Since 1983’ in red.

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