When it comes to outdoor spaces, there is a lot that you can do to enhance the look and feel. One of the things you need to be mindful of, however, is the durability of what you use in this space. Furniture and decorations, should ideally be all-weather and have the ability to endure heat as well as the rains. I typically stay away from wood, however, the Gloster Ambient Cocoon outdoor light has a clever way of marrying teak wood into its design and I’m intrigued. This outdoor light features a buffed finish teak handle, that adds a touch of sophistication to the whole lamp.

Designed as a dedicated outdoor lamp, the Ambient Cocoon exudes a soft, warm glow, thanks to the rechargeable LED light. You can control the intensity of the lamp, using a remote control, which features the various settings. Typically, you can switch between the three pre-set intensities, which make the lamp glow from romantically soft light to a brighter, ambient light. Whatever the mood or occasion, the lamp helps you enjoy the outdoors thanks to its efficient lighting. Adding a dash of versatility to the mix, you can either hang the lamp or place it on the floor. The choice is yours.

If you choose to hang the lamp, then the hanging wire helps you adjust and accommodate the lamp. On a full charge and on the maximum light output setting, the lamp works seamlessly for four hours. To keep it going beyond this point, you may have to either lower the light output intensity or get a quick boost of recharge. Talking a little bit more about the teak used in the lamp, apparently its originally sourced from plantations of Indonesia and it doesn’t require heavy maintenance. You can give it a thorough cleaning once or perhaps twice a year.

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